There’s ALWAYS a “Plan B”


Life is not perfect people. That’s just how it is. But what makes the difference between a good day and a bad day (or a good year and a bad year) is your plan…and your Plan B.  The problem is that most of us are so afraid to fail, that we never even try Plan A, so we never get ahead.

What if I told you it’s inevitable? Eventually you HAVE to use your second, third, hell even your fourth option at least once. What you can’t do is make these your only options!

I started this “business” five years ago, with no intent of actually making it a business; I just wanted a discount on my habit to buy fitness programs I liked to use but never finish because I was “too busy”. Then they rolled out Shakeology, and I was like, “Ya, this time I’m going to invest in myself and actually get back in shape, so let me get this discount thing.”  But the business wasn’t a part of my plan.

Fast Foward: Three years later even as an instructor, the business was suddenly so much a part of my plan that I even attended Summit, and brought Danny in on it. But you know what the problem was after I left one of the most amazing and inspiring conventions of my life? It wasn’t Plan A.  Sure I had lost weight, sure I’d made a little extra money without really trying. But I was SO CONSUMED with my Plan C (NOT EVEN PLAN B!) that I couldn’t move past it, and my failure at it happening as fast as I wanted.

You’re still lost; I get that.  You see, like many other people, I thought I have to start from the bottom, achieving the goal with the lowest possible return first, before I could move up the ladder, and then take the next step, and the next, and eventually I’d hit the top of the staircase and I’d finally be within reach of my Plan A.

At the tail end of year, I decided that I wasn’t moving my life fast enough, and I resolved that I absolutely would work my Plan A, and ONLY my Plan A for one year. You know what happened? My Plan C is done, my Plan B is done, and I’m actually moving ground on my goals.

I’m not trying to sell you on the business!  I’m trying to sell you on your own worth.  I want you to invest in yourself, for yourself, and whatever your goals may be. Because once you start moving past the “safe” and far too hard work of Plan B, you will actually start making your dreams a reality.

Five minutes a day, I promised you that. 

So today, here’s your assignment: Write down what your Top 10 Goals are. And then write down ALL the excuses you are using not to achieve those goals. That’s it.  Then come back tomorrow for the next step in actually moving some ground toward them!

Fast Track Bonus: Ready to just begin already? Remember, regardless of whether you say “yes” or “no” to this, I’m going to “attack” you with an ultimatum Sunday evening 😜.

But I’m inviting you again to build the best year yet. This is a business invitation to join a TEAM. So read on if you’re curious. And if not, it’s okay, I promise personal development (and humor) on this blog even if you don’t want to take a leap with me on this one!

If you’re in: I hope you know now that we want to be your accountability partners! But the truth is we want you to be successful, so we can only closely mentor five people at a time! So if you ever wanted to move some ground in your life, NOW is the time; don’t wait for tomorrow, because the best time to start achieving your dreams is to jump in head first!

No Spam, I promise, and you can always abort. But if you’re ready, follow this link and give me some more info on your personal goals!  Why Join Our Team?

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