Let’s Make It Official

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It’s July 1st.  Why today?  Honestly because it’s the day I told myself I’d do this. But it is sort of nice that it comes on the third day of an antibiotic regimen that allowed me to sleep last night and feel semi-human again as I overcome a pregnancy cold which lead to pneumonia and zero sleep for over a week. 😒😷

So here it is, July 1st, the second half of the year has begun, and it’s time to look back at my 2015 List of Goals to evaluate if and where changes should be made. I’m happy to report TWO of my Top 10 goals have been accomplished, and only one needs to be moved to next year (having a baby is going to make a fitness competition hard to do). That’s is MORE movement from my goals list than I’ve ever seen! And you know why? Because I told myself this year was GOING to be my best year yet, and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer!

Let me stop right there. I mean, who cares anyway; why even bother sharing this? Because I’ve been positively inclined, moderately motivated, played this game before…AND FAILED. This time I have succeeded, continue to see success, and want to gain even more momentum to move bigger mountains!

You see, I’m a clinical procrastinator with big dreams. I’ve always worked my butt off, burning the candle at both ends, and several spots between. And I got results, but I always did it the hard way. This time, this year was going to be different. And you want to know why? Because one dream actually came true last year and suddenly my personal mission statement meant more, it was now a promise I actually had to keep.

I know you’re lost, and I promise by Sunday you’ll catch up, IF you can give me just 5 minutes for 5 days. Either you’ll stop reading, or you’ll commit right here. It’s not an ultimatum, it’s just what is going to happen.

As I look back at my list Goal List, I wonder if the other eight goals are unrealistic. And for the first time I FINALLY find myself saying that ANYTHING can be done!  After all the two goals I completed were my TOP TWO, and while I’ve marked off “To Do” lists before, I’d never marked something off my goals list!

So what is it I’m making “official” anyway?  Public Accountability.  I’m taking a leap on my next goal starting today, and that includes building this new website. Be patient, and be a part of the process with me as the site gets better! This is many things, a business site, a landing page for my fitness students, a free service for personal development, a fitness and nutrition guide (Funny side note: “nutrition” was misspelled and auto corrected into “burrito” the first time I typed this…uh no!); but above all, this is a BLOG.  It’s a story constantly unfolding, semi-uncensored, and completely imperfect.

So for today, I ask you to do ONE thing. Commit 5 minutes for 5 days to me. Promise when you see my next blog post you’ll read it, and let’s move some mountains.

Fast Track Bonus:  I’ll put your mind at ease before you read this section.

No, this ISN’T the ending statement I’m going to “attack” you with Sunday evening 😜.

But it is an open invitation to have you join me on continuing to build the best year yet. This is a business invitation to join a TEAM. So read on if you’re curious. And if not, it’s okay, I promise personal development (and humor) on this blog even if you don’t want to take a leap with me on this one!

If you’re in: Find an accountability partner, a friend, someone who inspires you to do more, and just trust me on this! Jump in, head first, and tell yourself you can!  I’m opening spots on my team of leaders, and if you ever wanted to move some ground in your life, NOW is the time; don’t wait for tomorrow, because your choices right now are all that are standing in the way of that “Ah-Ha” moment 6 months from now that’ll make you feel amazing.

Curious yet? Fill out the survey at the end of this link:  Why Join Our Team?

Don’t worry, you can always abort the mission if your scared 😉. But it’ll be much more interesting if you hang on and see what’s waiting at the other end!

There’s ALWAYS a “Plan B”


Life is not perfect people. That’s just how it is. But what makes the difference between a good day and a bad day (or a good year and a bad year) is your plan…and your Plan B.  The problem is that most of us are so afraid to fail, that we never even try Plan A, so we never get ahead.

What if I told you it’s inevitable? Eventually you HAVE to use your second, third, hell even your fourth option at least once. What you can’t do is make these your only options!

I started this “business” five years ago, with no intent of actually making it a business; I just wanted a discount on my habit to buy fitness programs I liked to use but never finish because I was “too busy”. Then they rolled out Shakeology, and I was like, “Ya, this time I’m going to invest in myself and actually get back in shape, so let me get this discount thing.”  But the business wasn’t a part of my plan.

Fast Foward: Three years later even as an instructor, the business was suddenly so much a part of my plan that I even attended Summit, and brought Danny in on it. But you know what the problem was after I left one of the most amazing and inspiring conventions of my life? It wasn’t Plan A.  Sure I had lost weight, sure I’d made a little extra money without really trying. But I was SO CONSUMED with my Plan C (NOT EVEN PLAN B!) that I couldn’t move past it, and my failure at it happening as fast as I wanted.

You’re still lost; I get that.  You see, like many other people, I thought I have to start from the bottom, achieving the goal with the lowest possible return first, before I could move up the ladder, and then take the next step, and the next, and eventually I’d hit the top of the staircase and I’d finally be within reach of my Plan A.

At the tail end of year, I decided that I wasn’t moving my life fast enough, and I resolved that I absolutely would work my Plan A, and ONLY my Plan A for one year. You know what happened? My Plan C is done, my Plan B is done, and I’m actually moving ground on my goals.

I’m not trying to sell you on the business!  I’m trying to sell you on your own worth.  I want you to invest in yourself, for yourself, and whatever your goals may be. Because once you start moving past the “safe” and far too hard work of Plan B, you will actually start making your dreams a reality.

Five minutes a day, I promised you that. 

So today, here’s your assignment: Write down what your Top 10 Goals are. And then write down ALL the excuses you are using not to achieve those goals. That’s it.  Then come back tomorrow for the next step in actually moving some ground toward them!

Fast Track Bonus: Ready to just begin already? Remember, regardless of whether you say “yes” or “no” to this, I’m going to “attack” you with an ultimatum Sunday evening 😜.

But I’m inviting you again to build the best year yet. This is a business invitation to join a TEAM. So read on if you’re curious. And if not, it’s okay, I promise personal development (and humor) on this blog even if you don’t want to take a leap with me on this one!

If you’re in: I hope you know now that we want to be your accountability partners! But the truth is we want you to be successful, so we can only closely mentor five people at a time! So if you ever wanted to move some ground in your life, NOW is the time; don’t wait for tomorrow, because the best time to start achieving your dreams is to jump in head first!

No Spam, I promise, and you can always abort. But if you’re ready, follow this link and give me some more info on your personal goals!  Why Join Our Team?

It happens like this…

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DrOne day you suddenly wake up one morning and don’t like the person in the mirror.  And you think; “What happened to me?!?”

The words “working out” and “dieting” sound tedious and can make anyone run for the hills; but “FITNESS” and “NUTRITION” are amazing contributions to a healthy wellbeing.

Coming to this realization changed our lives; and we have never looked back since taking our first steps to being a healthier family. Part of what we love about this healthier lifestyle is what we’ve been able to share and help others with.

On this website you’ll find a culmination of tips, motivation, recipes, product reviews, and personal experiences from both the male and female perspective of two VERY busy people!  We are realistic, we are human, and we strive to be better.  But nothing is perfect, and we accept that.  So if you need help finding a fitness routine you enjoy doing, or a nutrition regimen that you actually enjoy eating, please contact one of us.

We are here to help you…FREE!

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